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  • Guangxi Yulin Baoju wire & Cable Co. Ltd
    The company possesses various kinds of nationally advanced special producing equipment and testing devices for wires and cables.

    Guangxi Yulin Baoju Wire & Cable Co., Ltd is an old enterprise with 30 years history, it's formerly the Yulin Wries and Cables Factory. The company is located at No.50, Daxin Road, YuLin city, with a land area of 50,000m2, and the constructed area is 30,000m2.

    Baoju company is professionally produces various kinds of Baoju brand wires and cables. The main s include: aluminum-cored and copper-cored polyvinyl chloride insolating wires, protecting wires, rubber wires, alumina gel wires, steel-cored alumina gel wires, prefabricated cables, power cables, controlling cables, cross sky cables, communication cables, signal cables, burn-preventing wires and cables, computer internet wires, vehicle-used low pressure cables and wires. television cables etc. All the s are being produced according to the national standard and ministry. All the cables series have gained the national producing license for industrial s, and the other s have obtained national mandatory 3C authentication. Meanwhile. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system authentication, the Baoju brand has been awarded as the Guangxi Famous Brand in 2002.

    The company possesses various kinds of nationally advanced special producing equipment and testing devices for wires and cables. The company also boasts various kinds of professional engineering technician. management personnel and skillful team of workers. The company is technically rely on the national famous professional institute, the strong technical force and advanced testing measures greatly ensures the quality of the s.

    Company upholds the quality principles of Quality First, Customer Supreme, Scientifically Management, Striving for Famous Brand. The company has been attaching great importance to the s quality, and acts the quality as the life of the enterprise. Because of the good quality, the s has been awarded as the top ten brand of its kind in the China market, and was appraised as the Quality, Service, Credit consumer creditable s by the consumer protection foundation. The company has consecutively been awarded as None Fake, Counterfeit, Imitated, Inferior s Enterprise for 12 years by the Yulin municipal consumer association, has consecutively been awarded as Value Contract, Observe Credit Enterprise for 12 years by the guangxi regional industrial and commercial bureau, has been appraised by the Guangxi consumer association as Creditable Unit, and has been appraised by the Guangxi regional government as an excellent scientific enterprise. It is a national enterprise for observe contract and value credit published by the national industrial and commercial bureau in 2004.

    The s have become the recommended s by the national economy and trade committee for the national power network construction and transformation in 1999. and the s have been recommended by the national economy and trade committee for the key construction projects again in 2003.

    To be sincere to the customers, strive all out to serve the customers is the principles of the company. We appreciate all the support given by our old customers. And the while we warmly welcome new customers to visit and investigate our company. We will keep providing satisfactory service to all our customers by Best Quality, Best Service, Best Credit.

    You are sincerely welcome to visit our company.

    Baoju Wire and cable

    Professional production of various kinds of "Ju Bao" brand wire and cable, become the Yulin area 92% households choose.

    Quality as the life of enterprise

    Has been rated as heavy contract, keep credit companies, for 16 consecutive years by the Guangxi District Trade and industry bureau,

    Quality →

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