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  • Contact
    Guangxi Yulin

    General Manager: Mr Chaohui Chen

    Tel: 86-775-2332278,2084131

    Fax: 86-775-2082749

    E-mail: baoju-wire@baoju-wire.com

    Address: Economic Development Zone, Yulin, Guangxi, China

    International Department

    Tel: 86-775-2332608

    Fax: 86-775-2082749

    Cell: 86-15907754666

    Msn: icyge@hotmail.com

    Skype: icy.ge

    E-mail: export@baoju-wire.com

    Name:Guangxi Nanning Office

    Address: No. 74 , street 4 of electromechanical market of Nanning goods and materials

    Tel: 86-771-3832306

    Name: Guangxi Liuzhou Office

    Address: No. 4 , 17th of electromechanical market of the hardware , electrical and hemical equipment in Liyi

    Tel: 86-772-3232787、3211683

    Online Service

    Any question please contact us by Online Service, we will give you a feedback immediately. (* is required)

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